O choir where the psalms are sung!
God’s wonders — ancient works which we sing —
recalled for the faithful ones,
inspiring souls to laud the great King.

O lattice, O chancel-rails!
What sounds of joy, what soul-kindling songs
have passed to our ears, through you,
and echoed out to gladden the throngs?

O walls of Jerusalem!
This holy building, shaking with joy,
filled-up with the mighty voice
of men, and angels in His deploy.

O children of God, the Lord!
What canticles, what heavenly odes
we ought to resound, in thanks,
on pilgrimage, on Sion’s great roads.

O Hymns of the Mother Church!
What sweet and all-harmonious praise,
these poems of faith and love,
which sanctify the cycle of days!


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