“A vale of gentle waters, flowing far”
depicts your Love, O God: poured deep within
the Christian heart, to fuel the burning star:
a light, a love which wills that all be kin.

As with the honoured duty of the Blood
— in battle and in birth, to make men One —
so all your gracious rivers — in the Mud
called “Man” — refresh the image of your Son.

So what’s the meaning of our life below,
where all is storm and night, and chaos reigns?
To be, each, conduits of what we know:
the Holy Spirit’s cooling, all-consoling rains;

to be, and not to seem; made full, to fill
by pouring out; by lancing, feel the chill
of blood and water flowing forth, which thrills
our Calvary; made one with Love, which kills — and makes alive.


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