Veni, Sancte Spiritus,

Come, gentle Spirit of the Lord:
in caves, in whispers to the soul,
and holy silence. Be the hoard
of treasured grace that make us whole.

et emitte caelitus,

From heights of lightest glory, act:
to bring the joy of heaven down;
to reign — your covenant intact! —
to glorify the Risen’s crown.

lucis tuae radium.

O radiance, O sun of God!
Your rays do brighten all, unfurled!
When you have shone, our feet are shod!
Cast forth your Peace upon the World!

Consolator optime,

Companion! Calm, consoling friend:
in tears and longing, with a groan,
pray deep within, until the End
when dust shall serve his God alone.

Dulcis hospes animae,

You are the guest most welcome, here,
our God, within this Temple-Home;
to us, your servants, stay so near
that you may greet us when we roam.

Dulce refrigerium.

Refreshment! Comforter! O, Joy!
Your Hospitality to man
is kind admittance. Now, deploy
the Kingdom’s reign! Unfold your plan!


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