O Christ our God, your Resurrection – shown
through many-splendoured images – is veiled
in hopeful pictures, symbols, signs: by all –
profoundest dark to highest light – so hailed.

O Nail, pristine and shining metalwork:
what toil is done by your all-piercing thrust?
The healing ill was worked through you; and bend-
-ed low was God: who saved us from death’s rust.

O Seed that fell into the ground, entombed
like mustard’s pod in lifeless, dew-soaked ground;
when rose your Morning Star to shed its light,
the humble spark was gloriously crowned.

O Fruit of feminine and manly love:
the swell of matrimony’s union shows
the Only Lover of Mankind, asleep
in Joseph’s grave – and Birth, the end He chose.

O Great, Reviving, Glorifying Light,
the stellar nurseries have all confessed:
from supernova’s cataclysm, stars
of night come forth; your treasury is blessed.

O Phoenix, fowl on fiery, rising wings:
you mythical and legendary trope!
Look up to your great Master, who ascends
– Sheol thus conquered – real and true, our hope.

O Jesus, flower of a virgin maid,
the ever-shining star of all the world:
in height, in depth, the universe’s Lord;
your vict’ry banner – Love – now stands unfurled.


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