Most holy Father, Fire on Heaven’s Throne!
The brilliant night and stars are all your own.
Each human hair, each blade of grass, is grown
by light of your great mercy — yours alone.

Most holy Son, revealer of His Life;
incarnate spouse, King ending Death’s old strife,
with you we thank the Father: string and fife
from washed, reclothed, renewed, and joyful wife.

Most Holy Spirit, incense of our God,
e’er wafting through eternal halls, abroad!
Descend on us, that we be filled and awed
by you: the peace of glory, Christ’s great laud.

To your high depths no creature’s mind can see;
in you the three are one and one is three;
with you is all the world’s sufficiency,
and you need naught that can complete your glee.

All-Holy God; immortal, mighty Lord;
all wealth of beauty is securely stored
within your deepest mystery; adored
be your strong, humble love — O deathless Ward.

Communion! Uncreated amity!
This is your Name, most blessed Trinity!
O bond of infinite, great charity!
Your love invigorates eternity.

To you: one God – our God – be endless prayer
of love, all thankful for your quiet care.
O Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, bear
us ever onward — gentle Lord, most fair.


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